What are Customers Saying About the CME?

The Colorado Motorcycle Expo….not only a great place to shop parts, parts and more parts, see the hottest custom motorcycles, and eat all kinds of great food, it is one of the absolutely best places to watch people!  Folks from all over come to participate and shop.  Members from all of the clubs represent respectfully and have great merchandise. And let’s not forget the live music, pin-stripe contest, wet t-shirt spectacular and various other special events.  A fun time to be had by everyone!!!!
Susie Mayfield, Ouray, CO

My wife and I attend the Colorado Motorcycle expo every year.  We choose to attend this one because of the huge vendor selection, cleanliness of the venue, quality of the merchandise, large amount of parking, and the family friendly environment. We have attended several others, but this one is larger, cleaner, has better entertainment, and is easy to get to. A very well laid out program and venue location.
Mike Eaton, Arvada, CO

I ride out every time from Kansas City. The Colorado Motorcycle expo is the largest Bike Swap and show in the Midwest. With all the old friends I see and great times we have, you could almost consider it a rally in itself!
R. Studdard, Kansas City, MO

There’s nothing else like the Colorado Motorcycle Expo!  It has become an annual tradition with my group of friends.  Whether I’m looking for that unique part or just want to enjoy hanging out talking bikes, the Expo is the place to be!  Looking forward to the next one!
Ben Bock, Littleton, CO

One of the best swap and bike shows I’ve been to in a long time. A true biker show & swap with lots of used parts.  I’ll be back for sure.
Art Duran, Ogden, UT

I’ve been attending the CME every year since moving out here from Washington state 9 years ago and it just keeps getting better and better. The variety of bikes on display for the show are always amazing the entertainment is great, but for me the amount, and variety, of vendors is what gets me the most pumped. Nowhere else on the planet will you find a higher concentration of new and used parts and accessories in one place – it’s awesome!  I couldn’t be more pleased that this event goes down in my back yard year after year, thanks for keeping it going and raising the bar each show!
Keith Boblet, Brighton, CO

I attended the Expo on Super Bowl weekend and I had a great time at the show. I saw a lot of beautiful bikes and a lot of beautiful women at the show. I talked to many of the vendors and particularly enjoyed talking with some the painters and admiring their work. I met a few of the Bandidos they were very friendly. I’ve also gone to the Easy Riders show in Sacramento, California and in my opinion the CME is much better in many ways, because of the swap meet and the bike show I hope to attend another CME in the future.
Pete Hewitt, West Bountiful, UT

This show is the best to find any and all parts that I need for our bikes! Anything from OEM to after market and great deals too!
Kathy Burton, Denver, CO

My wife and I love to attend the Denver show and swap. Cool bikes, cool clothes, definitely going next year.
James S., Thornton, CO

Great swap meet! We go every year- largest selection of parts best swap in the state, never miss it !!!!
Randal Carrillo, Arvada, CO

My mom and I have attended the motorcycle Swap & Show for years even worked a few with our own booth, “Picture This”. We go to see the latest & greatest in motorcycles, arts & crafts. If we’re lucky we run into some old friends and make new ones on the way! The bands are good too!
Mighty Tidy Melinda, Aka ( Mindy ), Denver, CO

I’ve been going there for the last 5+ years and enjoyed it. I got to meet different vendors and talk to many bikers from different lifestyles, look at all show bikes and get some ideas and new products, and let’s not forget about the hot girls there also!!!
Gary L. Dutton, Cope, CO

I love the Colorado Motorcycle Expo!  Where else can you see so many bikes, parts, and motorcycle gear?    It’s a great time!
Patti Landini, Lakewood, CO

This Expo is awesome it has the most and prettiest girls of any show I have ever been to by far. I would never miss it.
Mark Glanzer, Denver, CO

First and foremost I would like to state that my family (which includes multiple levels) and myself have participated in this expo several times and each year it gets better and better.  We look forward to the next one as soon as the current year’s expo is over.  It has become somewhat of a family tradition as well as a nice way to spend a day or weekend.  A majority of our cousins, uncles and aunts also attend this event annually and we make arraignments to meet every year.   It is a place to pick up much some needed (but not easily found) parts and accessories for your bike, and a place to meet people with the same interests.
Bo Marin, Denver, CO

My motorcycle said it wanted a change, I wanted to see what I could find and it’s always fun to see other people’s dreams at the show.
Rad Bexter, Flagstaff, AZ

Your show gives the motorcycle enthusiast a wide variety many different items to choose from like leathers to engine parts both new and used. Basically you can get covered from head to toe literally and also the food and beer and new friends you can make doesn’t hurt either.
Rich K., Denver, CO

My husband and I always enjoy the Motorcycle Expo!  It’s nice to get out of the house and walk around and see vendors and maybe some new parts for our Harleys too!!   We always manage to find something to purchase while were there.  We actually took our friend this time and he picked up parts to get his Harley up and running again!  Thank you for a great event!!
Lynn A., Lochbuie, Colorado

I really enjoy attending the Colorado Motorcycle Expo.  This is the only time of the year that I am able to find some of the items I am looking for. Denver has a large biker community but except for during the Expo, it is hard to find some biker related items. I liked the idea of having all of the dealerships/factory reps in the front so that the new models were there on display.
Kevin Aman, Aurora, CO

I attend the Colorado show and swap for all the vendors, bikes, people and comradery. Every year I find something I didn’t know I needed and get it at an awesome deal. I go every year.
Robert Aliano, Aurora, CO

Swap meet is great time for all the new riding gear to come out for the upcoming year. So, time to see all the new stuff!  Time for the wheeling and dealing of old parts and new parts.  And to meet new vendors with new things to check out.  Always a great place to catch up with new friends and old ones.
Pam Badje, Littleton, CO

I went to the expo looking for parts for my bike. Found everything I needed from all the vendors that were selling. Taking in all the custom bikes and different sights that were set up was great. I will be in attendance next year. Thanks for putting this on.
Larry Modak, Fort Lupton, CO

It’s a great time to get together with fellow riders look for great deals on hard to find parts or just parts and of course the wet tee shirt contest is great!!
Kent Reichow, Golden, CO

I attend the show for several reason, new ideas, catch up with old friends from out of town and celebrate who we are as a biker community – American by birth, Biker by choice!
Wm. ‘Bear’ Kistler, Thornton, CO

What better way to spend the day?    We meet up with several friends every year, some come with us and some we find there.  I always find something I must have – antique item, jewelry or yes even mechanical parts.
Pauline Seeger, Brighton, CO

I’ve been going to this show since it was at the expo building off 38th Ave. and will keep going and riding ’til dead. Guys at the ticket gate always freak out ’cause I wear my orange t shirt with that old logo and picture of the old event from 25 + yrs. ago . Ridin’ is livin’!
Greg Leinweber, Greeley, CO

I’ve been to it 3 different years, always a good time, and a good variety of vendors.
Don Brainard, Brush, CO

The Colorado Motorcycle Expo brings our community together to share and enjoy our passion for everything motorcycles.  So much to see, so much to explore–what a thrill and can’t wait to come back for more!
Tim Golden, Parker, CO

My wife and I attend the show every year because it’s the one place we can find literally ANYTHING we need to ride. Whether it’s parts, leathers, patches, or just something that looks cool, the show has it and it’s always affordable!
Matt Struwe, Commerce City, CO

We have been coming to the show for years, assisted some vendors and met friends there for the kick off for the new year. It’s a great place with lots of fantastic bikes as well as vendors. If there is a place to buy gear for the season, this is it! I usually try to get a pair of gloves or a new vest while I’m there. Last year I bought my wife a new leather purse. We all go home tired from a long weekend and so much to see and do, new friends made and often we will not go home right away, see we live about 2 1/2 hours southwest from Denver so it’s a drive for us late at night. We appreciate the yearly kickoff and plan on being there next year.  Keep up the good work!
Jon Davidson, Wings-and-Warriors.org

I attend every time I am in town.  I enjoy the show bikes, great to see extremes and normal stuff us everyday people could do to our bikes also.  I listened to a band awhile, visited lots and lots of vendors, purchased a few items. I love checking out what is happening in the “motorcycle” world.    I also loved the free donuts and coffee from the Christian MC.  I always recommend and encourage my motorcycle friends to attend and bring friends.
Gale Wheeler, Frederick, CO

Just wanted you all to know the Colorado Motorcycle Expo was totally awesome.  I went to check out the newest in motorcycles technology and left with a lot of newer & a taste for some older ideas of customizing my two motorcycles! The show was a little bit of a lot of everything, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast or wanting to see where the future is going with our passion of riding & lifestyle this is the place to be. We will definitely be waiting & looking forward to your next show.
William Tharp, Conifer CO

I look forward to going to the Expo every year for several reasons. First, I’m always on the lookout for that elusive or rare part that I’ve been looking for forever. More often than not I’ve found what I’ve been looking for at the Expo. Second, it’s always cool to see what’s new out there. I’ve made more impulse buys at the Expo because there is always so much all together in one place. Third, love the Bike Show to see everyone’s labor of love, from the oldies to the customs. I always get good ideas for what I’d like to do to my scoot. And finally, I like catching up with friends, both old and new, because you can pretty much bet that if they’re a biker, they’re going to be at the Expo. That’s why I go every year!
Dave Stewart, Aurora CO

What a great show. I have been going for a couple years now. It’s a good Expo for the novice or more experienced riders and a great place for your girl an kids for the day. I was able to pick up some small parts for my ride and anything else I could dream of for my ride and then some. The prices were the best. I liked it so well I got my first Harley at the Expo. I got my list ready for the next show. See you there. Have a safe ride all :))
M. Furlong, Northglen, CO

OMG couldn’t get any better for parts and saving cash everything possible for my HD and things I hadn’t thought of. It’s a must see to believe!
Larry K., Salt Lake City, UT

I happen to be in town working and thought I would check it out. I was a little concerned about safety with all the colors being there but I was pleasantly surprised of how well everyone behaved and the amount of security onsite.   I had a great time at the expo!
R. Austin, Fort Worth, TX

My crew and I look forward to the Motorcycle Expo all year round. Not only is it great to see all the different scheduled events but offers a huge selection of vendors that you would be hard pressed to find gathered anywhere else. We also take advantage of the swap meet areas where again there is a great collection of hard to find parts and accessories all in one convenient location!
Mat Matthewson, Aurora, CO

We have attended the Expo for several years without fail. It’s absolutely the best venue to find outstanding prices on hard to find parts and accessories! Many items you can’t find anymore at other places.  The vintage bike portion is one of our favorite parts.  It’s also quite a fun show people watching! The different people attending are always respectful and we’ve never had ANY issues with “Jerks”.  It’s a great place to catch up with old friends we don’t see elsewhere and we look forward to it far in advance of the show. If you haven’t been to one, or it’s been awhile, you owe it to yourself to check it out!
M. Fisher, Denver CO

Make sure you join us every year for the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver! We look forward to seeing you there!