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Motorcycle Events: One of the Largest in the Country

One of the largest motorcycle events in the entire United States will bring enthusiasts from all over the country to the Colorado Motorcycle Expo at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado, for the weekend of January 28-29, 2017. This major motorcycle event is open to the public and will be loaded with old and new 2016 motorcycles, parts and accessories, major manufacturers, and a huge amount of activities.

Don’t miss the Antique & Custom Motorcycle Show, Swap Meet, Motorcycle Auction, the Bikini Show, live music and more!

There is also a new motorcycle showcase will all major brands on display showing off the new 2015 model bikes and merchandise.

For an amazingly low $15 for a one day pass or $20 for a weekend pass, with kids age 12 and under free, all attractions are included. The parking charge per day is only $5 for motorcycles or $10 for cars and trucks.   You can also buy a 3 day parking pass for $15 (cars) and $10 (bikes) Tickets can be purchased at the door, or you can buy them in advance at: https://ticketswest.com/events/colorado-motorcycle-expo/29970/ .

2015 New Motorcycle Showcase

Every major manufacturer will be on hand to show off the new 2015 model bikes and merchandise.  Come see, Harley, Victory, Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Triumph, Indian,

Antique & Custom […]

Motorcycle Road Trips- Packing Smart

The idea of setting out on a long, adventurous motorcycle road trip is romantic and exciting. If planned right, your trips should turn out to be all that you hoped they would be.

If you’re a responsible rider you already know that your bike needs to be in tip-top mechanical shape before you head out but packing for any long distance bike ride can be tricky. Here’s what you’ll need:

Riding Suit – If you’ve checked the weather forecast and it says “sunny and warm” don’t believe it. Weather has a mind of its own so be prepared. Get yourself a light, weatherproof riding suit that you can quickly slip on over your clothes at the first sign of bad weather.

Storage – Unless you have a touring bike equipped with hard storage cases, you’ll need to add some type of storage capacity to your bike.   Backpacks are no good on a long motorcycle trip. They don’t hold much, can throw your balance off and after a while, they just plain hurt your shoulders and back.

Storage racks, saddlebags, tail bags, tank bags work great. Depending upon the style of your bike, how far you’re traveling and what you need to pack will determine your best option. Do some research to see what has worked best for other riders.

Repair Kit – If you don’t have a repair kit yet, get one before you go. They are affordable and you’ll be thrilled you have it if you get a flat in the middle of nowhere.

Food and Water – Pack a few […]

Some of the Most Scenic Colorado Motorcycle Rides

Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in North America.  It doesn’t matter what time of year you choose to visit, you will find spectacular scenic motorcycle rides.

Here are some riding tips regarding Scenic Colorado Motorcycle Rides.

San Juan Mountain Skyway

This 233 mile loop can be found amongst most top 10 United States scenic motorcycle ride lists. You will travel 11,000 feet above sea level where the Rocky Mountain views are unsurpassed. You may want to set aside a day for this trip as it takes about six hours. Plus you are going to want to stop and take lots of pictures. You will pass through historic mining towns and see some of the highest mountain peaks in the US.

Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Bypass

Beginning in Idaho Springs, Colorado, you travel south on highway 103 to the entrance of Mount Evans Road. The 56 mile round trip ride takes you higher than the clouds to 14,130 feet above sea level. Some of the sights you may find are pine tree groves, valleys, rocky peaks, mountain goats and bighorn sheep.

Ride carefully as some of the switchbacks don’t have guardrails. You may want to consider making this trip in the spring or summer as portions are closed in the winter months.

Santa Fe Trail

Just north of the New Mexico border lies the city of Trinidad, Colorado, once a stop on the Santa Fe Trail. In Trinidad can begin your 184 mile (one way) motorcycle ride along the historic trail ending in the […]

Benefits of Motorcycle Swap Meets

As the economy continues to decline, hobbyists of all kinds are having to let go of the things that fuel their interests, especially vehicle enthusiasts. It’s just getting too expensive to buy unique and many regular parts and accessories, and buyers are looking for any way to cut some of these expenses. For motorcycle enthusiasts in particular, there are not many locations to hunt for treasures for bikes, resulting in limited options and sky-high prices. The solution? Motorcycle Swap meets.

There are many advantages to attending a swap meet, especially a large the swap meet with lots of used parts like the Colorado Motorcycle Expo , scheduled for the weekend of January 28-29, 2017.   We’ve got parts for all makes and models from Harley, to BMW to Yamaha.

One major advantage is the extensive amount of stuff that is waiting to be found all in one place! Vendors from all over come in and sell collectibles, parts, accessories, etc., that literally can not be found anywhere else. This gives riders a chance to have the most unique bike on the block. Another advantage is that this ‘stuff’ can be found for prices you wouldn’t find anywhere else, especially when purchasing brand new from a large corporation.

One of the unfortunate things about a hobby is just that, that it’s a hobby and not a career. People don’t typically make much, if any, money from their hobby. So, by attending a swap meet, another advantage for hobbyists is they […]