As the economy continues to decline, hobbyists of all kinds are having to let go of the things that fuel their interests, especially vehicle enthusiasts. It’s just getting too expensive to buy unique and many regular parts and accessories, and buyers are looking for any way to cut some of these expenses. For motorcycle enthusiasts in particular, there are not many locations to hunt for treasures for bikes, resulting in limited options and sky-high prices. The solution? Motorcycle Swap meets.

There are many advantages to attending a swap meet, especially a large the swap meet with lots of used parts like the Colorado Motorcycle Expo , scheduled for the weekend of January 28-29, 2017.   We’ve got parts for all makes and models from Harley, to BMW to Yamaha.

One major advantage is the extensive amount of stuff that is waiting to be found all in one place! Vendors from all over come in and sell collectibles, parts, accessories, etc., that literally can not be found anywhere else. This gives riders a chance to have the most unique bike on the block. Another advantage is that this ‘stuff’ can be found for prices you wouldn’t find anywhere else, especially when purchasing brand new from a large corporation.

One of the unfortunate things about a hobby is just that, that it’s a hobby and not a career. People don’t typically make much, if any, money from their hobby. So, by attending a swap meet, another advantage for hobbyists is they get the chance to buy and sell within their hobby, resulting in major earning potential for both buyers and sellers. Swap meets also bring in experts who understand the value of these parts and other items in order to ensure that the rider is receiving the best part for the best price. In large corporations, it isn’t always a necessity to hire someone familiar with many aspects of motorcycle riding, which can prevent riders from getting the most for their money.

The advantages of attending a motorcycle swap meet go beyond material things. Swap meets bring in networks of riders from all over the country. By attending the event, life-time friendships can be made and riding experiences can be enhanced! So, contact us at Colorado Motorcycle Expo and learn about one of the country’s best motorcycle swap meets!

In addition to the swap meet we’ve also got lots of other attractions like the antique & custom motorcycle show, a huge motorcycle auction a motorcycle showcase featuring the new 2015 models and products from every major brand, the International Bikini Team, live music and much more!