Elias Kirk from Long Island City, Queens, N.Y. remakes old motorcycles that were junked into classy and flashy machines right in his garage. The 44 year-old carpenter has always been a motorcycle enthusiast and has a real collection of motorcycles.

Almost all the bikes are old editions of Honda, since it was the most common motorcycle brand back in 1960s and each has a unique personality. Elias enjoys driving the old models with his girlfriend and sometimes gives a ride to the kids in his neighborhood.

Bringing junk motorcycles back to life has really been popular lately. More and more people with love towards the machines get the old bikes that are lying in somebody’s backyard and use their imagination and creativity to produce marvelous pieces of art that can hit the road once again.

What seems to be most exciting for these people, is the age of the motorcycle. The older a bike is, the better and more valuable it seems to be. It definitely has something to do with standing out from the crowd: anybody could go and get a brand new model from a vendor, but a custom redesigned vintage model on the road will catch the eyes of many.

Interestingly enough, reproducing the junk bikes costs a lot more than just getting a brand new bike from a vendor, but each of the enthusiasts say that it’s not about the money. There is a certain point of sexiness and satisfaction when doing everything themselves and hitting the road again with a half-century old bike.