What to Expect at a Big Motorcycle Event

Thinking about attending a motorcycle event, but not sure what you’ll find when you get there?

If you attend the Colorado Motorcycle Expo coming up on January 30-31, one thing you’ll certainly find is a good time! Why a good time you ask? The answer is that we have the broadest selection of events under one roof for scooter lovers that you could hope to find anywhere in the mountain west!

Looking for the parts for your ride? Or maybe a new project bike? Our swap meet will give you the opportunity to find parts, clothes, and helmets. If you are looking for anything associated with the active motorcycling lifestyle the swap meet is the place to find it.

We’ve even got a motorcycle showcase where all the major brands will be displaying the new 2015 model bikes and merchandise!  Or if you are looking for something a little different, our auction will give you another chance to buy awesome bikes — from collector’s classics to great street bikes you’ll be able to place your bid and take your shot at buying the scooter you’ve been yearning for.

If you’re a fan of chrome beauty, take a gander at our Custom and Antique Motorcycle Show. Competitors from around the west will be showing their pride and joy bikes off and hoping to take home the blue ribbon in this best of the west classic.

And if you want to see beautiful women you can’t miss the Bikini Contest which will be performing in […]

Planning for the Colorado Motorcycle Expo

During the winter it can be hard for motorcycle riders to get on the road because of snow and cooler temperatures. But that doesn’t stop motorcycles enthusiasts from wanting to ride and work on their bikes. A great way to still have quality time with your bike is to go to cool motorcycle events like a show and swap meet.

If you’re out west, start planning to head to the Colorado Motorcycle Expo coming up Jan 30-31, in Denver.

This show and swap isn’t like a normal motorcycle show where you simply get to look at all the amazing bikes you wish you could have. Show and swaps are a motorcyclist’s dream. They are filled with a great selection of antique and state of the art parts all at great deals. Whether your bike needs a tune up or you want to find that antique primary cover you’ve always wanted, a show and swap is the place for you.

What makes a show and swap meet really worth remembering is its selection.  Like a treasure hunt, swap meets are where you can get lost in mazes of custom bikes and rare parts.   With over 800 booths, you can be assured you will find something to catch your eye.  Sponsored by Sun Harley Davidson, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, Coors & GEICO, this event is one of the largest in the country!

The 38th Annual Colorado Motorcycle Expo at the National Western Complex in Denver is filled with other great events for all […]

Colorado Motorcycle Expo- come meet “the one”!

No, we’re not talking about the women in the Bikini Contest at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo (though you’re free to dream). We’re talking about those two-wheeled lovelies you’ve been dreaming about your whole life ever since your parents took the training wheels off of your bike and you learned the freedom of the open road. We’re talking motorcycles!

Before you swing up into the saddle for the first time, remember that motorcycles are quite a bit different from one another. You want to be sure that the bike you fall in love with will love you back. Think about these things before you buy a motorcycle:

What’s My Riding Experience?

It doesn’t matter when you learned to ride a bicycle. Bicycles and motorcycles are two different machines. For starters, a motorcycle has a lot more weight. This means that once that bulk gets rolling, you’d better know how to steer it and stop it. Also, motorcycles have a lot more power to them than simply pedaling your heart out. You might get little hearts in your eyes over a high-performance street bike, but that rocket is built for an experienced rider. You want your first to be something that will handle nicely and won’t get away from you.

Comfort and Fit

When trying on a bike for the first time, make sure you can  plant both feet firmly on the ground. Tip-toes don’t count. As a beginner, you need to be sure you are in control. Bikes are heavy, like we said, and having 800 pounds […]

Come see the Largest Motorcycle Show in the Rocky Mtn Region

The Colorado Motorcycle Expo is coming up soon, and it’s the largest motorcycle show in the Rocky Mountain region!

It’s time to get into your element! Come and watch hundreds of awesome bikes compete in more than a dozen categories. Feast your eyes on the mild-to-wild, trikes to two-wheelers, vintage originals and full custom rides. It all takes place the weekend of January 28-29, 2017at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado.

We make it sound like bikes have personalities of their own, and they do! We know how bikers feel about their two-wheel scream machines. They’re like family members.  The Colorado Motorcycle Expo (and its predecessor the Colorado Motorcycle Show & Swap) has been going on for almost 40 years and we are always looking for new attractions.  The show in Janaury will be better than ever, featuring all types of bikes: Hogs, Sports Bikes, etc.

This event draws people from all over the country because motorcycle fans know that one ticket gets you into everything during our epic weekend!

Motorcycle shows are great gatherings for seasoned bikers, as well as newbie riders.  At the Expo, you can also preview the new 2015 models from all the top manufacturers. Feel free to ask for a test-drive. Novices can ask professional representatives about bikes, gear, clubs and rallies. It’s a great time to “try on” some motorcycles and find what fits your fancy chaps. Get […]