Motorcycle Rallies are held all over the world and can make for amazing adventures and lifelong memories.  Each year, hundreds of rallies take place all across the U.S.  In order to make sure your bike can get you there and back, there are a few maintenance practices you should preform before each long haul ride, but the most important is probably an oil change.

Your engine oil is your bike’s lifeblood. Choosing the right motorcycle engine oil for your bike isn’t as simple as you may think. Here are some tips to help you determine which oil will properly protect your vital engine components and keep your ride running cool and clean, no matter where you are headed.

  • Riding Style: How you ride can change what type of oil you choose. To prevent excess wear and tear on you bike, make sure you choose an oil that suits your riding style. For instance, if you ride hard your bike may run hotter than normal. Synthetic oil is designed to resist breakdown at hotter temperatures.
  • Recommended Viscosity: In essence, viscosity is the “thickness” of your engine oil. In your manual, you may find different viscosity recommendations for different times of year. As a rule of thumb, 20/50w motorcycle oil is perfect for American cruisers; sport bikes and some import cruisers will usually run best on 10/40w oil.
  • Old Hogs: If your bike is a classic, it may run best on a solid weight oil. For example, older Harleys run well on straight 50w oil. Whether your bike is an import or a hog, if it’s considered a “classic” try to stick with non-synthetic oils for better protection.
  • Don’t Be Cheap: When treating your baby to an oil change, do choose a highly rated oil such as Mobile 1 or Bel Ray; the better quality the oil, the longer it will last and the better it will protect your engine.

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