No, we’re not talking about the women in the Bikini Contest at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo (though you’re free to dream). We’re talking about those two-wheeled lovelies you’ve been dreaming about your whole life ever since your parents took the training wheels off of your bike and you learned the freedom of the open road. We’re talking motorcycles!

Before you swing up into the saddle for the first time, remember that motorcycles are quite a bit different from one another. You want to be sure that the bike you fall in love with will love you back. Think about these things before you buy a motorcycle:

What’s My Riding Experience?

It doesn’t matter when you learned to ride a bicycle. Bicycles and motorcycles are two different machines. For starters, a motorcycle has a lot more weight. This means that once that bulk gets rolling, you’d better know how to steer it and stop it. Also, motorcycles have a lot more power to them than simply pedaling your heart out. You might get little hearts in your eyes over a high-performance street bike, but that rocket is built for an experienced rider. You want your first to be something that will handle nicely and won’t get away from you.

Comfort and Fit

When trying on a bike for the first time, make sure you can  plant both feet firmly on the ground. Tip-toes don’t count. As a beginner, you need to be sure you are in control. Bikes are heavy, like we said, and having 800 pounds of machine suddenly decide to tip over on you is no fun. You should also be able to sit in a comfortable position. If you have short arms, gorilla bars probably aren’t for you. You should be able to hold the grips with your entire hand, not just your fingers, and your arms should be able to bend for steering control. If your arms are straight out and your fingers are all that you get on the handlebars, or if you have to lay flat on the gas tank just to reach them, the bike is too big.

How Do I Plan To Ride?

Are you looking for a daily commuter? How about an off-road toy? Maybe you’re looking to take a nice, long cruise and see the country. You’ll certainly have your pick of bikes no matter what sort of riding you want to do, so check out these styles:

  • Standard– Also known as a “naked” bike, these are good for city riding on surface streets. Lacking a wind shield or faring for protection, however, they may be uncomfortable and ill-suited for higher-speed riding or for long-distance rides. Still, if it’s just to go to school or work and then maybe cruise a little bit on the weekends, a standard bike should be about right for you.
  • Cruiser– This style is what most people think of when you say “Harley Davidson”. These bikes let you ride in a reclined position and are very comfortable on long rides. They are not known for their maneuverability, however, so you won’t see them nimbly winding in and out of traffic. The nice thing is that they can be equipped with a windshield and saddle bags for touring.
  • Touring– Touring bikes already come with a windshield and luggage. They are designed for great comfort over very long distances. You can add sound and entertainment systems and even ports for heating your clothing as you ride on cooler days. These bikes can be costly, however, with some costing as much as a car. Also, they can easily weigh in around 1,000 pounds.

There are many more styles of motorcycles available such as sport bikes, “adventure touring” bikes, and others, but for a beginner with little to no motorcycle experience, any of the above styles should be first on your list to check out. Bring an experienced friend along to the Expo to help you figure out what bike is right for you. With the right motorcycle, you can look forward to many miles of enjoyable riding!

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