Cool Motorcycle Events in new Mexico

If you’re  a Colorado resident looking to see some beautiful country or Motorcycle Events outside our home state, you might consider adding the New Mexican Southwest to your summer plans for a road trip. In Taos, New Mexico, a small resort town about an hour and a half from Alamosa, CO, you may have missed the annual Memorial Day motorcycle rally, but there are biker friendly events happening throughout the summer, attracting cyclists from all over the country. For example, another festive gathering in Taos comes up the weekend of July 4th, with “Bikers Welcome” on hotel and restaurant marquis all over town.

In Taos, bikers have been enjoying the “enchanted circle” drive for decades, which weaves pleasantly through the surrounding towns of Red River, Eagle Nest, and Angel Fire. If you like spicy food, the green chili of New Mexico is famous, and that goes double for Taos. For entertainment after the enchanted circle drive, check out the Taos Mesa Brewing calendar for shows at a great venue, or the Live Taos events page for what’s going on all over town.

Further south, there are other more bike oriented events, such as the Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally in Las Vegas, NM with live music, bike shows and contests all happening the weekend of July 24th; or the“Cruisin 2 Cure” event in Hobbs, NM on July 17th. If you’re looking for action in the metropolis of New Mexico, Albuquerque grows a bit every year and the biking scene is rich with activity, including a great number of shops, rallies, and meet-ups.

Geographically, New Mexico is a terrific leg to add to any trip heading to the West Coast or south toward Texas. Aesthetically, Route 66 and other drives through the state make for riding experiences unlike anywhere else in the country.  For a great annual event a little closer to home be sure to check out the Colorado Motorcycle Expo Jan 28-29, 2017 in Denver, CO.  We are the country’s largest indoor motorcycle swap meet, combined with a huge custom and antique motorcycle show, live music, wet t shirt contest & much more!  Feel free to contact us for more info.