It’s always a good feeling when you get a chance to take your bike out on the road for a ride. It’s even better when you’ve got a cool destination planned. If you’re heading off to a motorcycle rally, you’re gonna need to get your bike up to snuff for the trip, so we’ve put together a couple of helpful tips to get you ready.

Tips on Washing Your Bike
We know you’re the type that loves their bike like they do their mother, so taking your bike down to the local car wash would never do. Instead, just whip out your garden hose and find a shady spot in the drive or on the lawn to do the job. You really don’t want to do this in direct sunlight because you’ll just spend half the day getting water spots off before you can put the final shine on. Plus, some cleaners will damage the paint if they’re left to dry in the sun.
You can use pretty much use any gentle, nonabrasive cleaner. However, there are cleaners that are designed for doing the job if you prefer. Just don’t use anything harsh that would scratch the paint. Get together a bucket, a couple soft rags, a little degreaser, a toothbrush, a chamois, some chrome polish and just go about it all Zen-like. You’ll love it so much you may want to do this a couple times a week just for the quite time you’ll get.

Lube Your Chain
After you wash and polish your bike until it blinds the neighbors, you’re going to need to lube the chain. If you don’t, you may not be able to hear the road over the chain noise you’ll get. Plus, your chain takes a lot of abuse, so it pays to treat it right. You’re going to want to do this about every 500 miles or so, or at least a couple times every month your riding; which ever comes first.
This is something you can do yourself. Just get that old toothbrush you used to clean the rest of the bike, a can of chain cleaner and a can of lubricant. It’s as easy as following the directions on the cans, then wipe everything clean with some old rags. Lastly, you’ll want to check the tension and make any adjustments if needed.

Getting Road Ready
After washing your bike and lubing the chain, you should have gotten a pretty good feel for how road ready your bike is. However, you’ll also want to pay special attention a few other things as well. Things like the air pressure in your tires need to be checked. Check the lights and turn signals to see that they all work. As well, make sure your battery is holding a good charge, the connections are tight and corrosion-free. These things should all be checked on a regular basis anyway, but especially before taking any longer trips.

Lasting a Lifetime
All-in-all, your motorcycle should last you a lifetime if treated well. It’ll take you on many adventures across the state or across the country. Either way, checking out motorcycle shows like the one we have going on is well worth getting it ready for. If you’d like to find out more about it, and pick up a lot f cool stuff for your bike, come see us at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo, Sept 19-21 at the National Western Complex.