Motorcycle enthusiasts know that the risk of riding is well worth the reward. The family and friends of riders, however, tend to worry about their safety more with no regard to the experience.

Over time, motorcycles have gained infamy due to all of the reports of motorcycle related deaths and people don’t always take in account the condition of the bikes and even the people when these wrecks have occurred. But at the same time, this has caused a big boost in safety developments from companies who are dedicated to providing the safest ride possible to motorcyclists. Here are some of the latest innovations in motorcycle safety gear:

Anti-lock brakes in cars have been around since the early 1970’s. However, in 2010, Bosch released the first motorcycle anti-lock brake system. This system has dramatically reduced the percentage of motorcycle crash deaths and the nerves of motorcyclists’ family members.

Advanced helmet designs have been a major contributor to motorcycle safety. One of the most advanced designs is the ThermaHelm “brain-cooling” helmet. This helmet was designed to, in the event of a crash, release cool air from a pocket that reduces swelling of the brain. Other helmet designs include the inflatable neck collar, which literally inflates into a helmet-like cushion in the event of a crash. Although mainly intended for bicycles, these helmets have been considered in motorcycle safety.

Safety jackets of all kinds have been created for motorcycle safety. Airbag jackets have seen much success in keeping riders safe. Other designs for this jacket also include reflective and bright colors on the back to ensure safety at night. Another jacket design is intended to act as a turn signal that activates when the bike’s rear light comes on.

Riders everywhere have rejoiced in these safety inventions. These creations are allowing riders to become more independent and free everyday. Events such as the Colorado Motorcycle Expo showcase some of the cutting edge technology keeping riders safe today.   With a huge swap meet and motorcycle showcase featuring all major brands, you’re sure to find something you can’t live without! This year’s event is located in Denver, Colorado and is scheduled for January 30-31, 2015.

Contact us to experience the 3-day event and build a relationship with riders from all over the country, all while experiencing a more fulfilling ride thanks to these safety innovations!