The Colorado Motorcycle Expo is the biggest and most anticipated motorcycle event in the Rockies region. It’s a combination of a few smaller events coming together to form one huge event lasting the whole weekend, and all for the same ticket price.

The CME includes:

The largest indoor motorcycle swap meet featuring over 800 booths.
A bike show with over 100 beautiful, vintage motorcycles and top notch, custom made bikes.
Live music, contests, etc.

Here is some information on just two reasons why you want to attend the CME.

Motorcycle Swap Meet

The swap meet is the biggest indoor event of its kind in the country. Here you can find everything you might ever need for your bike – from super rare parts and accessories to the latest technologies, the event offers everything. If you can’t find something here, then you don’t need it, or it doesn’t exist!

The event features a hundred different vendors from all over the country. One booth might be selling old or custom made parts made in the garage and another might  be a top notch motorcycle vendor with Harley Davidson cycles.

While the event features mainly motorcycle parts and accessories, there is a lot of other impressive stuff to look out for like riding gear, body paint demonstrations, information about upcoming events, and more. This is one of those events you don’t want to miss! Read this page for more information.

The Vintage Bike Show

The bike show features over a hundred cool, vintage bikes as well as custom-designed pieces of artwork. With the brightest colors, and beautiful chrome and mirror finishes, the vintage models are something else. You may even pick up a few ideas for your own bike.

Click here to see pictures of some of last year’s bikes.


The next Colorado expo is scheduled January 30-31 next year. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, a chance to attend one of the biggest motorcycle events of the year!