If you’ve been a motorcycle fanatic for years, chances are there’s that one perfect bike you’ve always dreamed of owning. Maybe you want it because your dad owned one when you were a kid. Maybe you want it because the really cool guy down the street used to ride one by your house every morning when you were growing up. Perhaps you dream of riding the same motorcycle as your favorite movie icon. No matter why you want that perfect bike, you still fantasize about actually getting it one day.

Well for one rich dude in England that day is here.  Recently, a 1955 Vincent 998cc Black Prince Project made auction history when it sold for more than any other Black Prince has sold for at motorcycle auctions. The bike, purchased through a telephone bid at an auction in the United Kingdom, sold for £91,000 which equals out to a little over $150,000. This was four times the estimated price.

The bike most likely sold for so much because two men felt such a connection to it and got in a bidding war. The auction winner born in 1955, had the birth year link to the bike, and the other man had owned a Black Knight when he was younger, and had always wanted to get the Black Prince. Maybe part of the appeal of the Black Prince for these men as well as others is how limited it was in production. Because of financial problems with the company, the model was only produced 1954-1955. A quality Black Prince is a rare find.

If you’re looking to see a quality motorcycle auction a little closer to home, contact us. The 37th Colorado Motorcycle Expo is taking place September 19-21, 2014.  There will be several motorcycle events rolled into one 3 day weekend; including an auction, antique and custom bike show, and the country’s largest motorcycle swap meet. Although you probably won’t see a Black Prince like the one recently purchased in the UK, we can guarantee you will see a wide selection of motorcycles from antiques & customs to used street bikes.