Father’s Day weekend signals the kickoff of Laconia Motorcycle Week, often referred to as “Bike Week”. This year marks the 90th anniversary of the enormous event and signals the countdown to its 100th anniversary.

Laconia Bike Week has been around longer than any of the other motorcycle rallies in the world and is one of the largest in the United States.

Laconia, New Hampshire and Weirs Beach is the second home to riders from all over the world who come back again and again to participate in this exciting tradition. It continued for old and new when Rally Headquarters opened at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, June 15th on the Weirs Beach Boardwalk.

The week-long event just ended yesterday (Sunday, June 22) with the Loudon Classic. Races are held at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in nearby Loudon, NH.

(Note: Laconia Bike Week traditionally ends on Father’s Day weekend. This year’s events begin on Father’s Day weekend and end the following Saturday.)

Concerts, shows, parades, contests, stunts, races and dozens of other events took place. The week is jam-packed with events and celebrations, food, feasts, fun and some of the most amazing bikes you’ve ever seen — including ones by some of the best custom builders in the country.

Scenic rides throughout the Mount Washington Valley are a must for riders and worth every mile of breathtaking scenery.

After enjoying events of the day, Weirs Beach is the place to be at night. There’s no lack of food and beverages at every event, day and night with plenty of establishments waiting to satisfy your thirst and appetite.

Event coordinators urge riders to be safe, follow rules of the road, and never ride after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Can’t make it to New England?  Plan to join us in September for the Colorado Motorcycle Expo.