Motorcycle Riding Tips

Numb hands while riding is a common problem that’s sometimes accompanied by tingling or a pins and needles feeling. Some people experience this problem within a half hour of getting on their bike while others suffer only on long distance rides.

There are a number of reasons for hand numbness. The problem can be caused by your bike or by the way you ride. Before spending money on bike fixes, make sure there’s no problem with your riding technique or handlebar positioning since fixing these is free. Don’t try to tough it out because you could end up with nerve damage.

Look through these motorcycle tips for hand numbness to see which works best for you:

Relax Your Grip

Over gripping the handlebars fatigue the forearm muscles as well as the tendons in your wrist. Apply just enough pressure to control the bike. Your grip should be light enough so that you can easily wriggle your fingers. You should also periodically shake your hands out. If your throttle hand is bothering you, try using a motorcycle cruise control.

Keep Your Wrists In A Neutral Position

Bent wrists place pressure on both the median nerve and carpal tunnel nerve. Sometimes the handlebar positioning forces you to grip them with bent wrists. Reposition the handlebars as necessary.

Keep Your Weight Off Your Hands

A good deal of weight can be taken off the hands by gripping the gas tank with your legs. Strong legs and core trunk muscles allow you to keep your weight off your hands and wrists for long periods of time. However, sometimes the problem occurs because your seat is too high which causes you to hunch over the handlebars.

Protect Your Hands From Vibration

Relaxing your grip and taking your weight off of your hands have the additional benefit of reducing the vibration that’s transmitted into your hands. However, you can take additional measures by getting foam grips of varying thicknesses which damp out the vibration or you can try padded gloves designed to absorb the shock.

What To Do If Your Hands Are Numb From The Cold

If your hands are numb because of the cold and thick gloves don’t seem to work, you may need warmer clothing on your upper body. When your body core gets cold, blood withdraws from your hands to keep the core warm. In addition to clothing and gloves, hand guards that protect the hands from the wind are an option.

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