Expert Motorcycle Safety Tips

As a motorcyclist, you assume certain risks that aren’t faced by drivers of cars or trucks. However, those risks can be mitigated by following guidelines when you’re on the road.

Mark Howie is the program manager for rider education at Dillon Brothers Harley Davidson. He teaches people not just how to ride, but he also offers motorcycle tips on safe biking.

For starters, Howie says that motorcyclists should assume that no one sees them. Sometimes, by the time other drivers see or hear them, it’s too late.

That’s why he advises bikers to drive with their high-beam headlights on during the day. He says that a high-beam light can be seen easier than a low beam light and that the extra attention getter can save a rider’s life.

Howie also noted that newer motorcycles offer multiple lights that can provide an advantage over older models.

“You can see a difference being this close,” he says. “Imagine what a car driver’s going to see a mile down the road.”

Howie also advises bikers to wear bright, reflective clothing as well as safety vests. While those items aren’t popular for making fashion statements, they do provide an additional level of safety.

Because of their size, motorcycles can appear to be farther away. They can also appear to be moving slower. That’s why it’s important that bikers especially practice defensive driving.

Howie says that if everybody would the time to be responsible behind the wheel, then the number of accidents would drop dramatically.

If you’d like to learn more about safe riding, pick up some great gear and have a great time doing it, check out the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver, Colorado.