On a chilly winter’s day, an afternoon bike ride may be one of the best ways to burn off cabin fever, get some fresh air, and feel great. That said, riding in winter does have special safety considerations that you need to be aware of. Use our motorcycle tips for safe winter rides to keep your riding safe in all weather.

  • Steer clear of salt – On salt, you lose your traction. This could make you wipe out and have an accident. Just as you would steer clear of ice patches or wet leaves, don’t ride on road salt.
  • Check tire inflation before you ride – While tire maintenance is important in every season, it’s particularly critical in winter. Even on light snow, driving with under-inflated tires can be dangerous. So always check your tire pressure before you ride and adjust if necessary.
  • Leave more space on the road – Wet winter roads require a longer brake time for all drivers. So give cars, trucks, and other bikes more space on the road during chilly winter months. Not only will you have more space to watch and anticipate other drivers’ actions, you’re less likely to get soaked with road spray.
  • Layer up – If you get cold while driving, you’re apt to make a mistake. Protect yourself by wearing performance clothing, which is designed to wick away sweat, under your riding clothes. Then add warm, road safe winter motorcycle pants and a jacket. Protect your hands with gloves and your heat with a hat and helmet.
  • Stay smart about when you ride – If the temperatures dip below freezing, you can end up in dangerous territory. Stay safe by knowing when it’s too cold to ride. You can always polish your bike, or work on that fixer-upper you’ve been keeping in the garage.

To talk more about winter riding strategies, or about anything else, please contact us today. And don’t forget the upcoming Colorado Motorcycle Expo coming up in Denver this January 30-31, you are sure to have a great time!