If you are a motorcycle fan and enthusiast, but haven’t visited Sturgis, make sure to mark it as a top priority on your “to do” list right now. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the biggest and oldest biking event, with tons of stuff to see and experience. Exciting rides, exhibitions, shows and much more, draw thousands of people like a magnet, including motorcycle superstars, enthusiasts and racers. Sturgis is definitely one of those places you want to put on your “Bucket List”.

With the first event held back in 1938, every year Sturgis gathers bike lovers and fans from all over the world to witness the long rally. It’s technically a week long motorcycle heaven for all fans and riders. With tons of metal, leather concerts and amazing people, there is definitely a lot to see there.

Besides the Rally, visitors are welcome to visit lots of cool stores (all featuring the beloved metal and leather) selling everything from bikes to accessories. There are also a fairly large amount of events added each year like motocross races, hill climbing, and of course 24/7 music concerts for the whole week.

With 2015 marking the 75th anniversary (though the first event was held in 1938, the first official event is documented in 1940) Sturgis has even impacted the economy of South Dakota by much more than anticipated for this year. While the economic impact was expected to be much greater than last year, no one could even guess it would be this great, all thanks to bikes, good weather and low gas prices.

Around the time when the Rally would start, Custer State Park had already received around $560.000 on the first day, which is about 40% more than last year. It was also very close to beating the record for the 60th anniversary, which accounted for 600.000 visitors in 2000!