Are you a motorcycle fan who likes big pipes on your vehicle? The sound made by V-Twin engines is great, no doubts here. But if you go beyond to extra-large pipes, you should think about it more. The problem is that extra-large pipes don’t add anything to your image.

Usually, people use larger pipes to make the sound of the bike louder, so it’s easier for other vehicles to know that there a bike around and they need to be on the lookout for it. But the sound is already loud enough with V-Twin engines, and going after extra-large pipes is a huge overkill. Not only it doesn’t add safety (come on, you don’t need to be heard from 10 miles away to feel safe), it also isn’t cooler. On the contrary, the extra loud sound adds only negative emotions towards motorcycles and bikers, nothing else.

All that extra loud pipes accomplish is cause a fair amount  of harm to ears (yours and others alike), wake up babies at 5 A.M. in the morning and even shatter windows if you race by close enough. Most people already have a ton of negative emotions associated with bikers from movies alone: Most bikers in movies resemble gangs or thieves or any other sort of “bad guys” or basically “people that society tends to dislike or fear”.

Given this, most bikers (probably including you) are very brave and daring people, because driving a motorcycle on a highway everyday requires guts that not everybody has. This technically makes the motorcycle drivers more responsible, both for themselves and others, in terms of security and mental alertness.