Sturgis Motorcycle rally, the biggest event in the country celebrated its 75th anniversary this year. A town of about 7000 people turns into a huge city with over 500,000 people for the entire week.

This year the number of visits were projected to beat the record of 633,000 people, set in 2000. While the precise number of visits is still unknown, a few sources state that the mark of 700,000 visitors had been reached.

South Dakota Department of Transformation reported about 40 percent more vehicles entering the rally than in 2014. As exciting as this is, it also increases the possibility of potential accidents, injuries, casualties and arrests.

The report from last day of the Rally sighted about 500 arrests, 4400 issued warnings, 152 total injuries and 13 fatal crashes. The number of injuries compared to last year grew more than twice (69 last year), and the number of crashes increased by 300%.

Despite the illegal behavior and a lot of accidents, authorities stated that there were no indications of violence or crime going on. The attendees are mostly law abiding, middle class folks showing up to have a good time.

With the 75th event barely finished, the 76th event is already being planned to take place next summer in the beginning of September. Despite the fact that there were a lot more accidents, arrests and inappropriate behavior this year, 2016 is projected to gather together the largest number of motorcycle fans in a single place and for the first time in history reach the one million mark.