Vendor testimonials – What do past vendors say about the Colorado Motorcycle Expo?

As a vendor, this is simply the best show that we do. Brings us customer referrals all year long.
Kevin Klockman, Smitty’s Chrome Plating, Oshkosh NE

This show is probably the best marketing we do all year.  The crowds are huge and direct sales are great but the real value for us is the industry contacts we make at the show!
E.J. Villano, Mo-Door, Castle Rock, CO

As far as Bang for the Buck, CME is the BEST event / show we participate in all year long!!
Pat Dunahay, PDA Road Gear, Littleton, CO

As a vendor, this is one of the greatest biker events I have ever been to, and I have been to ALL! Great promoters to work with as well.
Qamar Khan, Leather Productions, Walnut, CA

It is well managed for entrance and exit of vendors and show bike participants, and the huge complex is not just one big arena but alcoves which break up the pedestrian flow and makes exploring the ‘Expo’ more interesting.
R. Peterson, Spring Valley, WI.

This was our first time going. Parking was easy and accessible. The show was well attended by enthusiastic patrons and vendors alike. Definitely a must see and do during our down time of year. Thank you for your time and efforts!
Sandy Jamesen, Littleton, CO

I thought your last show was well-planned. It had quite a good cross section of different dealers, not to mention the great bikes entered into the show. I also found that the host was quite nice to me during my set up since I was a bit late setting up for the show. 
E.S. Miller, Southworth Enterprises, Denver, CO

Just want to say what a great job I think you’re doing. Been coming to this event regularly for over 20 years. Seen lots of ups and downs but your take on things is definitely an up. Have known Jack Portice personally for a number of years and am sure he approves of the way you’re handling things. Keep up the good work. Always look at the January show as the first rite of spring.
Dan Spencer, Colorado Springs, CO

It was our first year of attending the Motorcycle Expo as a vendor.  I found that the staff was accommodating, friendly, and very organized.  The event was advertised well as witnessed by the numbers of people attending.  The show was a great success for us and we plan to attend again next year.
Rick McBurney, HotRod BBQ Sauces & Rubs, Parker, CO

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