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Hello Valued Vendors,

Just as in prior years, vendor insurance is required for the 2023 CME.  The requirements are a minimum of $1M general liability insurance.  If you already have insurance that will cover you for the event, you just need to have your agent name the parties below as additional insureds and send the certificate to us

Additional insureds are:

Colorado Motorcycle Expo

P.O. Box 534

Broomfield, CO 80038

Western Stock Show Association

4655 Humbolt St. 

Denver, CO 80216

The City and County of Denver

201 W. Colfax Ave.

Denver, CO 80202


If you don’t already have insurance that will cover you for the event, we have partnered with an outside  company to provide you with insurance at the lowest possible cost, which is around $40. The process to sign up is simple, and please forward the certificates to us when complete. Just go to the link below to sign up:

Also as in prior years, we have attempted to get this requirement lifted and save you some money, but it just isn’t a possibility.  This is a requirement from the insurance company for us to even be able to obtain insurance coverage for the entire event. We wish it could be different, but assure you it is not our choice, nor do we get any financial gain from it.


Thank you!

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