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Our ultimate goal is to get as much cool stuff into the show as possible and allow everyone to display and/or compete. A variety of levels of customization are welcome.

The classifications below are examples of classes we typically have. However, we cannot guarantee exact classes until we have all entries in.  If there is not a class open that has at least three entries and your bike cannot be combined with any other class, your entry fee will be refunded, and you will be permitted to keep the two free weekend passes. You are also welcome (and encouraged) to leave your bike on display for the weekend.

Final Classifications will be assigned by motorcycle show administrators, with the intent of comparing like-levels of customization within a class.  Depending on the number of entries, we may break a classification down into sub classifications. For example, Asian Custom may be further broken down into: Radical, Custom, and Mild.

Again, if at least three entries are not received in a particular class, we reserve the right to combine dissimilar classes in the discretion of the Show judges.

You are welcome to give input as to your bike’s classification with the show administrators during drop off day.  After that day, all classifications are final.

Judging Note: we are promoting a custom motorcycle show, and the judging of show bikes is predicated on what modifications and alterations the judges can empirically qualify by looking at the bike on the floor.  Unseen alterations to the motor and previous history at other bike shows are not considered.  Your bike will be judged on 10 categories including

Paint, Chrome, Upholstery, Electrical, Fabrication/Customization, Safety, Engine, Originality, Fit & Finish, and Overall Appeal.



Top Awards

  • Best in Show – Large trophy and $1,000!

  • Best Paint – cash prize and trophy

  • Best Display - cash prize and trophy

  • People's Choice - cash prize and trophy


​Prizes will be awarded in each class.

  • American Bagger Radical Custom

  • American Bagger Semi-Custom

  • American Bagger Mild Custom

  • American Big Twin Radical Custom

  • American Big Twin Semi-Custom

  • American Big Twin Mild Custom

  • American Big Twin Fat Tire Radical

  • American Middle Weight Custom

  • American Classic/Restored - pre 1985

  • American Classic Custom - pre 1985

  • Euro-Asian Classic Restored - pre 1986

  • Euro-Asian Custom - pre 1986

  • Sportbike

  • Custom Trike

  • Custom Trike Auto Engine

  • Special Interest

  • Competition

  • Vicla

  • Vicla Extreme

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