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The Expo Moto Show

**All New**

For more information on the 2025 Expo Moto Show, click the info button below.

If you know what you need to know about the show, and are ready to register your bike, simply click the button below!

In 2024, we're thrilled to introduce the Iron Goddess All Female Motorcycle Show. Calling all female builders! If you're eager to showcase your skills and compete against other talented women in categories like Bagger, Paint, Custom, Wild Card, and vie for Best in Show (with a $200 cash prize) and People's Choice(with a $250 cash prize), simply click the pink button to the right to

register your bike!​

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Move-in Info
Moto Show Info

The Colorado Motorcycle Expo Custom, Classic and Antique Motorcycle Show stands as the largest motorcycle show and competition in the Rocky Mountain region, ranking among the country's premier events. With around 100 bikes vying for top honors across up to 20 categories, this show, spanning over four decades, continues to elevate its standards each year.

Witness awe-inspiring creations from some of the nation's top builders, showcasing a diverse range of styles. The collective value of these bikes exceeds two million dollars, encompassing a spectrum from the subtle to the extravagant, from classic 2-wheelers to innovative trikes, and spanning the range from Vintage Original to meticulously crafted Full Custom builds.. The Expo Motorcycle Show is a comprehensive display that caters to every taste, promising a constant stream of new and intriguing sights.

The dedication these individuals pour into their work is truly remarkable, resulting in the showcase of the coolest bikes and the finest exhibition in the western region. It's an inspiring experience, offering not only visual delight but also a wealth of ideas for your own projects. If you're keen on participating and showcasing your bike, please refer to our registration form below.


  • CLICK HERE to see our Motorcycle show Classifications and Prizes

  • Each Motorcycle entered in the show is $50

  • You will receive 2 weekend admission wristbands for each bike accepted into the show.

  • Entries must be received by 5:00 PM January 22, 2025.

  • All entries must be pre-entered. So please get your entries in as soon as possible.

  • You will receive notification of acceptance prior to the show.

  • Move in will be Friday January TBD between 8am and 7pm.

  • Trophy Presentation is on Sunday at 3pm. (This is subject to change)

  • Bikes can be moved out on Sunday from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm . They cannot be moved out during the show.

  • ​For any additional questions call us at 303-835-6967 or email us


  • No stock bikes will be accepted, except for those in the Antique and Classics division. 

  • No bike selling or for sale signs allowed.  If you want to sell your bike it needs to be in the Sales Corral.

  • All judges decisions are final.

  • Bikes entered without good pictures may be rejected at move in.

  • Photos of bikes may be used in future advertising by Colorado Motorcycle Expo and Motorcycle Expos.


INSURANCE. Although we do not require participants to maintain insurance for their motorcycles on display, please be aware that you are not covered by any insurance obtained by Colorado Motorcycle Expo or the National Western Complex.


WAIVER OF CLAIMS.  Please understand that it is your responsibility to move your bike in and out of the event. Colorado Motorcycle Expo personnel will not handle your motorcycle.  In consideration of being allowed to enter the event and show your bike, and as a condition of such entry, you hereby agree to waive all claims against Colorado Motorcycle Expo and the National Western Complex, as well as their respective contractors, employees, and affiliates, for any mishap, injury, loss or damage occurring to persons or to your property, unless such loss is as a direct and sole result of the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Colorado Motorcycle Expo employees.      


INDEMNIFICATION.   In consideration of being allowed to enter the event, and as a condition of such entry, you hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, Colorado Motorcycle Expo and the National Western Complex including their respective contractors, employees & affiliates, for any loss, cost or expenses, relating to your activities at the Expo or any third party claims arising therefrom.   You will also be responsible for all mishaps, injuries or losses due to the actions of any person(s) who are on the premises assisting you with your activities at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo. 

Moto Show Registration


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