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Formerly recognized as the Colorado Motorcycle Show & Swap, the Expo has been a Denver tradition since 1978. Originating at the Adams County Fairgrounds and later relocating to the National Western Complex in the early 1980s, it draws enthusiasts from across the nation, boasting a dedicated following among motorcycle lovers.

Returning to the National Western Complex for its 47th year on TBD, the Colorado Motorcycle Expo is more than just a swap meet. It houses the largest motorcycle show in the Rocky Mountain region, featuring approximately 100 bikes across 15 or more classes. Encompassing nearly 300,000 square feet of indoor space, the Expo offers a main stage in the entertainment arena, local bands throughout the swap meet, and an array of food and beverage options.

Rooted in tradition and eagerly anticipated by its followers, the Expo, curated by Scott and Christy and their dedicated team, promises not only the expected but also some surprises to captivate event-goers. Their tireless efforts behind the scenes aim to elevate the experience, and you'll sense that infectious energy the moment you step into the Expo.

Committed to upholding and enhancing the essential elements that have defined the Colorado Motorcycle Expo for the past 46 years, the event remains a gathering for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts to trade parts and goods, showcase remarkable motorcycles, and revel in an unforgettable celebration!

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